Brief description

There’re software development professional who doesn’t acquire new knowledge but they simply copy-paste code from other professional without digging into the reason of using the underlying methodology, pattern or technology.

What causes it

With the advent of internet, blogs and forums, there’re tons of professionals that love sharing their knowledge with the software development community.

In the opposite side, there’re also tons of mediocre professionals which just work for money or popularity, and they don’t try to evolve and they think that the value is just doing the job and it doesn’t matter how they achieve their goals.

Since non-tech companies usually can’t easily track a tech solution nor can evaluate software development professionals, there’s no easy way of distinguishing the good and mediocre professional, because most companies think that a well-done work is the one that just works and it’s perceived as good by their customers.

The problem

Copy-paste programming-driven projects have a very short life. Or, if nothing changes, they dissuade good professionals from getting involved in the whole project.

These projects are hard to evolve since they’re not built with a clear software architecture. They’re chaotic and work like a snow ball: as projects advance they’re are harder to maintain and scale.

Because good professionals don’t want to work on a daily headache, in addition to the fact that the whole project will experience problems to keep evolving as the world, customers and technology change, not being able to attract professionals to a given project is a death penalty in the long term.